Self Portrait

Thanks to everyone who came out last night to the Hachette Book Group 2nd Annual Gallery project. It was a pleasure sharing my work with all of you!

Rory Patrick Sullivan

Happy Birthday America
Happy Birthday America

A Poem

Smash some coffee on my palette.

Smash my hand with a brick.

I’m playing at a funeral,

But she’s being a bitch.

This all is incredible,


bloody, tranquil.

Playing a piano.

Dressed in a Tuxedo.

Sitting in office.

The sounds of sirens near.

I don’t want to listen

Because I don’t really care.

If I thought this mattered,

I would smile,

Not Stare.

Poem #1

Windows Open

Seem sweet to

Sweep through.

Soaring Down

Centuries of Architectural History.

Bleeding of hundreds,

years of suffering.

An emergence of 

light. Just 

to turn off

          the lights.


punk rock is not a crime!